"SozialMarie" Awards 2008

2. May. 2008

Socially innovative projects have been awarded the forth time on May 1st, 2008, in Vienna. As previously, Josef Hochgerner took part in the jury selecting the 15 winners from 212 projects submitted for participation in the contest. Notably, this time increasing internationalisation became obvious: Five of the 15 winning projects are located in the Czech Republic (2) and in Hungary (3).

The three top prizes (worth 15,000 €, 10,000 €, and 5,000 €) were awarded to:
Living Books (Vienna)
SBS – Small Business Starter (Upper Austria)
Roma help Roma (Hungary)

More information including photographs:

Along with the awards show a study was presented too, completed recently by the Centre for Social Innovation on behalf of the "Unruhe Privatstiftung" (the private foundation that initiated the SozialMarie Award), entitled "Social Innovation in Business" - at the moment, however, available in German only.


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