Projects supported by the Austrian Science Liaison Offices (ASO)

20. Jul. 2005

A first call, published by ASO Ljubljana and Sofia, was open until March 31, 2005, to submit proposals in a collaborative manner to research issues of governacen and civil society in South-East Europe. From 40 proposals nine were selected to receive funds of 122.000 € in total.

a) South-East European Network for Science and Technology Studies: STS Contributions to the Governance of Sociotechnical Change

b) Catching up Societies in Transition: Female Highly-Skilled Migration and Youth Drain from South East Europe to Austria in the Context of EU Enlargement

c) Civil Society and Good Governance in Societies in Transition

d) SEE-AUSTRIA Future Bridge

e) Structural Analysis of Spatial and Human Sources for Interregional Cooperation in Southeast Europe, Slovenia and Austria

f) Gendered Migration, Sex Work and Exploitation: Trafficking in Women and Prostitution

g) The German and Hungarian Minorities' Cultural Societies. Identity Management and Civil Society Structures in Slavonia/Baranya (CRO), Slovenia (SLO) and Vojvodina (SCG)

h) Civil Society as Building Stone of a Functioning Market Economy in South Eastern Europe

i) Challenges of Urban Governance: Planning Efforts, Cooperation and Participation

In addition, a call with less funds has also been published by the ASO Brno, leading to support of a number of eleven networking activities.

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