Made in Danube: 2nd Policy Dialogue and EUSDR PAs’ Cross-fertilisation Workshop

Competitiveness and Innovation for transnational collaboration in the Danube Region’s bio-economy field

Section: Research Policy & Development

Date: 2. November 2018

ZSI,  within the framework of the Made in Danube project and with the support by the Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation, is co-organizing this second event to promote cross-fertilization and a fruitful dialogue between the following Danube Strategy Priority Areas:

  1. PA2 (Sustainable Energy)
  2. PA4 (Water Quality)          
  3. PA6 (Bio Diversity and Landscapes)     
  4. PA7 (Knowledge Society)
  5. PA8 (Competitiveness of Enterprises)  
  6. PA9 (People and Skills).    

The event will also contribute to the debate on key challenges, needs and requirements for developing a bio-economy concept for the region while also contributing to the creation of a common understanding of the “Innovation and Technology Transfer priorities” and thus supporting long-lasting transnational collaboration in bio-economy in the Danube Region.

Goals of the workshop:

  • To allow representatives of  EUSDR Priority Areas (Pas) as well as public authorities to meet and exchange information on updates and implementation of own planned actions so as to find out possible synergies as well as further cooperation approaches within the broader EUSDR framework as far as the bio-economy sector is concerned. In other words, the training shall foster policy dialogue for future opportunities of collaboration among the priority areas with particular focus on bio-economy.
  • Further, the workshop will continue and complement the debate started during the previous workshop - organized in Zagreb Croatia on 26th September 2018 - in frame of the Made in Danube project.
  • To provide a mix of high-quality information about funding, organisations and inspirational initiatives and success stories so as to stimulate synergies between actors and experts.


Expected impact:

  • Open multi-stakeholders policy dialogue and knowledge exchange for future opportunities of collaboration among priority areas
  • Inputs for recommendations on improvement of framework conditions for innovation and technology transfer in the Bio-economy field
  • Synergies between actors and experts for developing new projects and initiatives aiming to contribute to the transition of the Danube Region to bioeconomy.


Would you like to contribute to the event or do you have any logistical question?

Please contact: 
Ms. Aurora   -   and
Ms. Desiree Pecarz -        

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For the Draft agenda, please click here.


Please be aware that prior to this training you will be asked to confirm your presence in form of a signature list. Workshop participation without signing the attendance list is unfortunately not possible.

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A person attending a Made in Danube workshop who does not wish to have their image recorded for distribution should make their wishes known to the organizers.

Type: Collaborative event (ZSI as co-organiser)

Location: Bucharest


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