Reducing Ozone Pollution with Citizen Science

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Air pollution has become a major global concern. In 2012, nearly half a million people in Europe alone have died of premature deaths due to elevated levels of particulate matter in the air. Furthermore it puts considerable damage to agriculture as well as our natural environment (EEA 2015). Environmental organizations have long been trying to increase the awareness for air pollution, especially with regards to elevated ozone levels. But the readiness and power of European citizens to take actions themselves is limited. With the recent emerging of a new generation of low-cost sensors for air quality measurement new opportunities arise. CAPTOR is a European citizen science project which builds on these recent developments and explores new concepts to reduce ozone pollution. This extended abstract describes the CAPTOR approach.

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AutorInnen: Kieslinger, B., Kroop, S., Schäfer / Schaefer, T.

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Tags: citizen science

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Publikations Datum: 2016

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