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INDIGO Policy, ZSI is project lead partner, contributed two articles to, a medium by United Nations organisation ESCAP on latest technology innovations and events. The journal offers up-to-date information on trends in technology transfer and development, technology policies, and new products and processes. The Yellow Pages feature Business Coach for innovative firms, as well as technology offers and requests. The current edition focuses on "social innovation for inclusive and sustainable development: current practices and challenges". A perfect reason to contribute insighst from the international projects INNO Indigo and INDIGO Policy.

A short summary on the article "Funding Frugal Innovations" by Kaisa Granqvist (ZSI)

This article discusses on the role of frugal innovations in fostering inclusive and sustain able growth. Frugal innovations can be defined as cost-efficient innovations with a social aim, targeting developing or emerging economies. As they can link the aspirations related to business-driven, social and inclusive innovations, they have captured the attention of businesses and policy makers. This article studies the public and charitable funding schemes for frugal innovations, and draws lessons on their design and implementation. It is based on three case studies of funding schemes, which focus on India. There are three types of funding schemes: supporting frugal businesses, supporting grassroots innovations and addressing global development challenges. All these schemes need to address the peculiarities of frugal innovation processes to be successful.


A short summary on the article "Indo-European cooperation within the framework of FP7" by Teresa de Oliveira (ZSI), Sean Angiolillo (NISTADS), Kasturi Mandal (CSIR), Parthasarathi Banerjee (Goa Institute of Management)

This article will examine whether international collaboration in science is addressing sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the collaboration between the European Union and India, within the specific framework of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). This framework is one of the most important channels of international research collaboration between India and the EU. We address the international research collaboration  from the perspective of project coordinators/participants of the EU-funded projects and we investigate the impacts of those selected projects on the UN SDGs. Our qualitative 
study presented here was designed to look at the international research collaboration in addressing SDGs in the collaboration between the EU and India, within the specific frameworks of FP7. We have reached the conclusion that international research collaboration plays a pivotal role in achieving the SDGs.



AutorInnen: de Oliveira, T., Granqvist, K., Kaisa Granqvist (ZSI), Teresa de Oliveira (ZSI), Sean Angiolillo (NISTADS), Kasturi Mandal (CSIR), Parthasarathi Banerjee (Goa Institute of Management)

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Tags: European Research Area, frugal innovation, India, internationalisation, SDGs

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