Horizon 2020 Handbook for the Ukrainian researchers

Enhancing the bilateral S&Tpartnership with Ukraine

Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

BILAT UKR*AINA project has published the Horizon 2020 Handbook for the Ukrainian researchers.

The “Horizon 2020 Handbook” is thought as a useful tool for Ukrainian researchers in order to enhance their participation in European research projects (especially Horizon 2020) and to foster the overall research cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union.

The Handbook contributes to the fulfilment of the following specific objectives:

  • To promote RTDI cooperation opportunities in Horizon 2020 in order  to support the creation of networks and the participation in joint projects;
  • To secure the outreach of the project to interested parties and to increase awareness about the assets of RTDI cooperation with Ukraine.

Specifically, the Handbook aims to increase the potentials of Ukrainian partners to compete in European projects by facilitating the cooperation with the best Ukrainian researchers in Horizon 2020.


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Tags: European Research Area, RTDI cooperation, Ukraine

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