New project started: BILAT UKR*AINA

10. Sep 2012

ZSI coordinates the project to enhance bilateral cooperation between Europe and Ukraine

Centre for Social Innovation organised the Kick-off Meeting of the BILAT UKR*AINA project in Vienna on September 10-11, 2012 with attendence of all project partners and members of the advisory board.

The project is the follow-up of the BILAT UKR project ( at which ZSI was partner. With this project - and its "advanced innovative approach", the cooperating institutions from Austria, Hungary, Germany, France, Poland, Romania - and of course Ukraine, have the following missions:

  • contributing to and enhance the policy dialogue
  • monitoring and analysis of the previous and existing S&T cooperation
  • transferring best practice concepts and know-how on funding programmes, technology transfer etc.
  • cooperating with local National Contact Points (NCPs)
  • training the best researchers and giving them networking opportunities
  • building synergies of existing programmes and funded projects
  • reaching relevant policy-level institutions, funding bodies, NCPs, researchers, research managers/institutions, research-oriented SMEs and industry, other relevant EU projects and the public at large

For further information, please contact the coordinating team: Klaus Schuch (, Gabriela Cikikyan (, Elke Dall (

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