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PES to PES Dialogue: Partnerships of Public Employment Services

Analytical paper

Partnership is widely accepted as an invaluable instrument for stimulating more sustainable socio-economic development and the attainment of the EU’s 2020 goals. Through the involvement, adequate consultation and participation of stakeholders, partnerships develop cross-cutting perspectives and integrated approaches to multidimensional problems. The aim of the research is to gather information on the how to use partnerships as a mechanism to enhance employment opportunities for Public Employment Services (PES). The papers reviews the state of the art of the literature with a focus on PES service delivery and policy implementation and identifies pros and cons of different approaches and of transferable core elements:

  • Recent developments and current practices;
  • What works, what does not work and what was changed and why:
  • Conclusions with regard to PES organisational development and service delivery and implications for policymakers.


  • DI Dr. Anette Scoppetta

Bereich: Arbeit & Chancengleichheit

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Tags: employment, labour market, partnership, public sector innovation, social inclusion

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