Eurovienna EU consulting and management GmbH (Austria)


Akronym: EuroVienna

EuroVienna’s experience and expertise in EU project management and consultation services for all different stages of project implementation (project concept development, submission procedures, implementation, financial management, reporting, assessment and auditing) is of high relevance for the proposed project. One of EuroVienna’s core competences is consulting in EU-funding. For the City of Vienna and its international partners, EuroVienna carried out a survey on EU funded projects both already implemented as well as in the planning. 70 municipal departments of the City of Vienna and more than 100 enterprises owned by the city were surveyed and as a result, more than 110 projects were screened for possible EU funding opportunities within the last year. EuroVienna counsels both these departments and enterprises as well as their international partners on matters concerning EU funded projects.


Kaiserstraße 113-115
A-1070 Vienna


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