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Excellence in research, social and technological innovation project management

Increasing the competences of managers of technological, social and research-based innovation projects

Description and objectives of Excellence-in-ReSTI

The management of research and innovation projects, in particular social innovation, needs specific skills that are not fully developed yet in the Danube region. The objective of the project is to provide specific support to young project managers and administrators in public and private R&D&I institutions in order to increase the quality of all kinds of (technological, social and research-based) innovation projects in the Danube region.

This objective will be achieved by developing several innovative course modules focusing on the skills closely related to the acquisition and management of R&D&I projects, which will serve as the background for a full transnational intercultural academic curriculum for young managers and administrators to be implemented in academic year 2018/19 as a pilot course. Based on the assessment of needs of the target group the modules may include, among others, knowledge management and information, financial resources for EU and national R&D&I projects, technology transfer, IPR, business modelling, time and team management.

In connection with the pilot course, an easy-to-use and service-oriented helpdesk will be set up to provide concrete and individual support for young managers and administrators and the wider stakeholder group in the region aiming to prepare EU, transnational and national R&D&I projects.

The project also includes a work package focusing on strategic aspects through which relevant networks are built up, gaps and opportunities are identified, policy recommendations are formulated, national and Danube regional roadmaps and strategies are elaborated, and guidelines are developed.

Through the above activities, Excellence-in-ReSTI  increases the quality of R&D&I projects implemented in the Danube region and enhances the competences, skills and employability of young managers.

ZSI is responsible for the overall project management and has relevant tasks in every work package (communication activities, network-building and roadmapping, pilot course development and implementation, support to the set-up of a helpdesk).


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Interreg call : 1st call Danube Transnational Programme

Priority: Innovative and socially responsible Danube region

Specific objective: Increase competences for business and social innovation


Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung


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Tags: Danube Region, project management, research management, training

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Typ: Forschung

Programm: Danube Transnational Programme

Projekt Status: Abgeschlossen

Von/Bis: 02/2017 - 10/2019

Laufzeit: 33 Monate

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