Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic)

Univerzita Karlova v Praze

Akronym: CUNI

Charles University (CUNI) is the biggest university in the Czech Republic. CUNI disposes of a very heterogeneous structure of its scientific specialisation (from natural science and medicine to humanities) representing the potential to implement interdisciplinary innovation activities. The Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer (CPPT) is an independent unit at CUNI providing information and support services for knowledge and technology transfer (KTT). The Centre´s goal is to increase competitiveness and attractiveness of CUNI to students, staff, and the public, to expand the range of fields of cooperation between R&D and the application sphere and to strengthen CUNI´s "third role". CPPT builds CUNI Innovation Network by connecting academics and external partners (commercial companies and public and NGO bodies). The Innovation Network is based on cooperation, brokering knowledge, experience, services, information and funding. The Innovation Network represents a gateway, guide and a mediator between potential partners and the CUNI community.


Ovocný trh 3-5
11636 Prague
Czech Republic


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