Digitális Jólét Nonprofit Kft (Hungary)

Digitális Jólét Nonprofit Kft

Digitális Jólét Nonprofit Kft is a provider of Intellectual Property (IP) and innovation management support and advisory services. The organisation supports the identification, protection and commercialization of IP, in particular the results of research and development (R&D) and creative processes. Its clients are diverse and include SMEs, research institutions, technology transfer offices and governmental organisations. Digitális Jólét Nonprofit Kft supports their specific aims by providing knowledge and competency where it is required by their management. The organisation is built on the knowledge of its experts who have in-depth understanding in technical, legal, legislative and financial aspects of IP rights, technology transfer, and IP analytics, having then background and competence to handle the IPR related aspects of the project. Experts behind Digitális Jólét Nonprofit Kft are active in technology and innovation policy analysis. Besides providing services to diverse communities and projects, the center also provides off the shelf and bespoke training courses on IP, IP protection and IP for business by continuously organizing basic level (20 hours), intermediate level (60 hours) and advanced level (270 hours) trainings. It is co-publisher of educational and promotional materials on a wide range of IP topics including copyright and IP valuation, etc.


Zoltán utca 6
1054 Budapest


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