NACESTI National Centre for Scientific and Technological Information (Vietnam)

Akronym: NACESTI

The National Centre for Scientific and Technological Information (NACESTI), under the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), was established on 24 September, 1990 on the basis of merging two organisations:

  •   The Central Library on Science and Technology (founded in 1960) and
  •   The Central Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI) (founded in 1972)

NACESTI is acting as the focal point in the national network of S&T information service organisations; NACESTI has mandate to carry out S&T information activities, disseminate and promote S&T achievements, organise and manage Techmarts; act as Central Library for S&T, national registration of R&D projects reports.

NACESTI’s activities:

  • Participating in information activities and resources development in the Country
  • Central Library on Science and Technology
  • National Registration of reports of R&D projects funded by the Government
  • Not-for-profit ISP and ICP, VISTA (Vietnam Information for Science and Technology Advance)
  • National Network Operating Centre of Vietnam Research and Education Network (VINAREN)
  • Organise and manage Techmart
  • S&T information professionals training
  • Research in LIS

In its capacity as the leading S&T information organisation in Vietnam, NACESTI has been implementing a number of international cooperation project, such as “Using Scientific Information including International Network” (FIZ-Karlsruhe), “Information Network for the Future” (with Victoria University of Wellington), “Library Support” (with SIDA/SAREC), “EU-ASIAN Knowledge Village” (with EC), “Characterization and evaluation of Biodiversity of wild and domestic animal in Vietnam” (with CIRAD), “Library Consortium for E-resources” (with Atlantic Philanthropies, Sabre, and INASP), “Development of Vietnam Research & Education Network and TEIN2 project” (with DANTE), etc.


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