Slovenian Business and Research Association (Belgium)

Non-profit association representing Slovenian research and business

Akronym: SBRA

SBRA is registered since 1999 in Belgium as an International Non-profit association, and represents a link between business, research communities, as well as municipal authorities in Slovenia with their European partners . As an association of a wide range of stakeholders, it assists its membership primarily to participate successfully in Community programmes (in FP6 the EU funding per capita for Slovenia was 35.3 EUR, which is the highest among the 12 new member states and higher than EU25 average – 30.9 EUR).
In order to better serve its members SBRA is coordinating/participating in the following European networks: NIROC, RIBN, EREF, ERRIN, EPN, and Lisbon Regions.


Av. Lloyd George 6 1000 Brussels Belgium


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