Developing the Social Innovation Ecosystem of the Vienna Region

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The paper provides an overview of the current social innovation ecosystem of the Vienna Region. Based on the methodology borrowed from the international research project SI-DRIVE: Social Innovation – Driving Force of Social Change (2014-2017), it focuses on the existing concepts and understanding of social innovation, on objectives and social demands, on actors, networks and governance, on process dynamics of social innovation and on resources, capabilities and constraints in Vienna.

Furthermore, methodologically the paper is based on interviews with actors from Vienna’s social innovation ecosystem and experts. Beyond the purpose of accessing information, interviews have additionally served to raise the awareness of the potential of the ecosystem, also against the background of the expertise acquired through the global project SI-DRIVE. This paper summarizes the main results of the interviews and elaborates some first recommendations for further development of the social innovation ecosystem.

AutorInnen: Domanski, Dmitri


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Kategorie: Discussion Papers

Publikations Datum: 2018

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