Country Report Austria 2016 des Research and Innovation Observatory der EK veröffentlicht

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The annual RIO Country Report offers an analysis of the R&I system in Austria, including relevant policies and funding, with particular focus on topics critical for EU policies. The report identifies the main challenges of the Austrian research and innovation system and assesses the policy response.

The Report was written by Klaus Schuch, Scientific Director of ZSI, and Robert Gampfer (JRC, European Commission).

How to cite this report: Schuch, K, Gampfer, R; RIO Country Report 2016: Austria; 28480 EN; doi:10.2760/251693

You can access the report and further information about Austria's RTI system at the RIO website here.

The reports is available in English and German.

AutorInnen: Schuch, K., Robert Gampfer


Tags: research and innovation policy

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Publikations Datum: 2017-05-12

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