Social Innovation. The concept, its emergence and potential

Theoretical considerations and examples

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10. November 2012



EWMD - European Women's Management Development International Conference 2012

Mayrhofen, Tyrol

Making Social Innovation Happen

It's simple and effects us all! In our society we no longer want to be part of a "predator-prey community".
Our topic this year describes the demanding goal of playing an active part in creating a better economy and society for the future. Many people all over the world have realised that such a change is essential in view of financial, political and economic crises.Established solutions that worked well until recently are no longer adequate to meet the challenges and crises we now face. "Social innovation” sums up all the new and innovative ideas that help us to recognise and solve the problems of our world across international and organisational boundaries in a foresighted way.

Social innovation welcomes unusual or radical ideas for finding ways of living, working and communicating with one another and enabling us to play a part in shaping a sustainable model for a successful future where life is worth living. At our conference we will be focussing particularly on themes most of us are concerned with, such as innovative forms of finance for small and medium-sized companies, life-cycle oriented work concepts or gender diversity.

Join us and “make the difference”!

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