partnerships and environmental issues


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The Forum THEMATIC BROCHURES series review the experience of partnerships in different countries in combating social exclusion, fostering economic development, addressing the implications of climate change, and creating employment at local level. On each of these themes, partnership organisations which are members of the Forum have shared with us their approaches, strategies and results. This knowledge and practical experience provided an essential part of the material for the preparation of this brochure.

This thematic brochure identifies some of the key features of those examples, outlines good practice, and indicates where policies might develop from here. The examples will not only include formal partnership agreements, but also regional/local initiatives of the same kind. In particular they will highlight:

Strategies: there are strategies focussing on regional economic development, on employment and skills and on social inclusion. Environment is thus an issue that cuts across the other major issues relevant to partnership work. “True” environmental partnerships are very limited in scope.

Programmes of work and activities: In contrast to other types of partnerships, those dealing with environmental issues have rather different foci in their work. Some of them deal with “traditional” measures like entrepreneurial support and the upgrading of skills. Others are centred on basic environmental issues, community development and improvement of the civil society as well as social inclusion.

Partners and structures: Two examples are presented in this brochure: one representing a partnership model, where the environment is part of the overall agenda and thus fully included in the structure. The second model describes a public-public relationship of community activities support.

Financial resources: As environment partnerships have rather different agreements and purposes in the wider sense, funding may come from a variety of actors, depending on their main partners and the interest groups involved. There are examples of public funding, publicprivate funding, and of donor-sponsored initiatives.



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