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GSF-15 - Multilateral Dialogue

Support to the Ministerial Dialogue on principles and values for international cooperation in research and innovation

The Commission introduced the 'Global Approach' in May 2021, emphasising openness in global Research and Innovation (R&I). Beyond its thematic components, the Global Approach brings forward a number of principles and values as the basis for openness. The intention is for key principles, such as academic freedom, research ethics and integrity, gender equality and open science, to be agreed and implemented at an international level so as to allow for effective and trusted cooperation between scientists from the EU and abroad. Throughout 2022 and 2023, dialogues on these principles have engaged around 40 countries, with more topics slated for late 2023. Belgium's Council of the EU Presidency will host a Ministerial Dialogue on 15-16 February 2024 to gain international endorsement for these principles, building on the 'Marseille Declaration' adopted in 2022. The Service Facility supports in preparing for this crucial meeting, which aims to enhance global visibility and policy actions.


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