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Consulting on protecting the climate and innovation management

4strat is a joint-venture with international experience in software development and consulting based in Germany

Telecommunications company in Austria

Aalborg University’s ambition is to become one of the leading innovative universities in Europe

Finish research centre, Aalto University Foundation

Aarhus University is a public university located in Denmark

Within the Academy of Science, a dedicated centre is responsible for the promotion of bi- and multilateral and international programmes

South Africa's science academy

Scientific institution in Central Asia

Where Culture and Digital Economy meet Change.

A non-profit, non-government organization working with marginalized groups of people, especially rural women and children in Uganda

NGO supporting energy savings in the UK

Addis Ababa University is a public university located in Ethiopia

Italian branch of the international Human Resources provider and temporary staffing firm

adelphi is an independent think-and-do tank and leading consultancy on sustainability and climate.

Colombian Institute for the Development in Science and Technology

Greek organisation providing IT solutions and products

Africa Energy Services Group is an all Africa based energy, environment and climate change company with its head office in Kigali, Rwanda

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