Interest in EU research mobility schemes growing in the Western Balkans

26. Aug 2021

Science|Business article references a study by ZSI commissoned by CEEPUS

"Schemes that enable knowledge exchange and temporary stays abroad are viewed as making a contribution to slowing the brain drain and preventing another R&D fault line developing if/when these countries become EU members" writes Florin Zubascu in Science|Business on 24 August 2021.

He references an article published by Klaus Schuch, Scientific Director of ZSI, in the fteval Journal on Research and Technology Policy Evaluation (July 2021, Vol. 52, pp. 19-35; DOI: 10.22163/fteval.2021.516) on "Geographic mobility patterns of researchers from six Western Balkan countries in regional and European mobility based training programmes".

You can read the whole Science|Business article here.

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