Progress on many levels of EU-Canada cooperation

19. Dez 2014

Policy Level Co-operation and New ERA-Can+ Webinars

Last week a series of high-level policy dialogue meetings took place under the support of ERA-Can+ in Ottawa, Canada. The Joint Science and Technology Coordination Committee (JSTCC) decided over the focus areas of European-Canadian collaboration, which are in health, marine, arctic, agriculture, information and communication technologies, innovation, and nanotechnology. On 18 November 2014 a Programme Level Co-operation meeting was organised by the ERA-Can+ partners to further discuss joint opportunities. Find out more...

After a series of ERA-Can+ webinars on different aspects of EU-Canadian science and innovation collaboration, two new webinars are coming up on 16 and 18 December 2014. The first one will focus on the questions posed so far during the previous sessions and will open an interactive space for questions and answers on Horizon 2020 for interested participants from Canada. The second one provides information on the Horizon 2020 EU-Canada co-ordinated call in aeronautics. Find out more and register...

A broad range of ERA-Can+ events are coming up in 2015: One example is the series of information sessions in topic areas as suggested by the JSTCC across Europe and on how Europeans can participate in Canadian research funding programs. Austria will be one target country among Sweden, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain.


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