ZSI Building a Network of Administrative Excellence with COST

13. Sep 2013

COST project "BESTPRAC" starting in October 2013

ZSI is a core member in the preparation and execution of the new COST Action "The Voice of Research Administrators – Building a Network of Administrative Excellence (BESTPRAC)". The voice of research administrators – building a network of administrative excellence (BESTPRAC) - is the third Targeted Network approved by the COST Committee of Senior Officials. The first Management Committee meeting will be held in October 2013 in Brussels. BESTPRAC is a new COST initiative to advance the state of the art in excellent administration of transnational research projects through creating a network of research administrators.

Specifically, the network will establish connections between administrators of research projects (including legal, administrative and financial staff in universities and other research institutions) in order to overcome isolation, stimulate mobility and encourage professional development and progression, strengthening the retention and recruitment of project administrators and emphasising the need and the importance of a profession that guarantees high quality support to S&T collaborative projects and networks across Europe. The network aims to develop knowledge and resources regarding best practices in transnational research project administration including a best practice guide,  the development of a common vocabulary of project administration, the establishment of “knowledge hubs” in specific areas and the establishment of “twinning services”, where research support offices collaborate on targeted challenges.

ZSI has been one of the initial partners in the preparation of this network, Ms. Elke Dall is appointed as a member to the Management Committee. The kick-off meeting for the targeted network has been held successfully on October 15, 2013 in Brussels at the COST office.

The main objective of BESTPRAC is to promote a better and more consistent administration of transnational research projects, thereby supporting excellence in research. It will raise the understanding of the importance of excellence administration of research projects.

The BESTPRAC Memorandum of Understanding contains further details on the network, such as detailed objectives, programme, organisation and timeplan.

For further questions on the COST Action: Elke Dall,, Carmen Siller,, Katharina Büsel,


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