EU-Latin America & Caribbean cooperation is taken to the next level

16. Mai 2013

Review on an event of project ALCUENET

The new European Union-Latin America & Caribbean (EU-LAC) INCO-NET project held its official Kick-off meeting in Brussels on April 17-18. ZSI is one of the 19 partner institutions of this bi-regional cooperation project, which aims at supporting the international science and technology cooperation of the EU with major regions of the world. Just the days before the meeting, Brussels was hosting this years “EU-LAC Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) in Science and Technology”. In previous meetings the SOM has agreed on a 'Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation (JIRI)’, which is currently the most important policy document with regard to Science and Technology (S&T) collaboration between EU and LAC.

The ALCUENET project – which stands for Latin America, Caribbean and European Union Network on Research and Innovation - is an operational instrument for the implementation of the JIRI and for the scaling-up of the long standing EU – LAC dialogue on S&T. In concrete, the project will address three main societal challenges - high quality affordable food, energy and climate change - through the implementation of actions in 4 major themes (renewable energy, ICT, bioeconomy and biodiversity). We will keep you updated on relevant news, events and outcomes of ALCUENET.


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