S4D4C webinars on the European Science Diplomacy Online Course

Are you wondering if the course is something for you?

Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

Datum: 30. Juni 2020 - 2. Juli 2020

We launched the course end of May 2020 and more than 3.500 trainees have already started the course and more than 300 of them have already received a certificate! Congratulations!

We offer two webinars with training content authors who will outline the content of the course modules to those that sill wonder if the course is relevant for them, their students, their members, etc.

We aim to give you a better understanding of what the course is about so you can take an informed decision about joining it.

Register here (n.b. the two webinars have the same content, so please choose the time that is most suitable for you):

If you are already taking the course and interested to discuss and deepen the conversation, we will have dedicated webinars for this target group as well: stay tuned!

Typ: Kooperative Veranstaltung (ZSI als Co-Organisator)

Organisator: S4D4C project

Veranstaltungsort: online


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Tags: science diplomacy, training

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