RTI Policy note on evaluating social innovations

Section: Research Policy & Development

Expectations of research, technology and innovation policy are shifting towards effectively addressing major societal challenges. Due to ist potential to increase innovative dynamics, to develop new knowledge and create new solutions, social innovation is increasingly promoted. This raises questions about (potential) effects and impacts of social innovation. The assessment of impacts is a rather new topic in this field, respective research is still in its early stages. This paper proposes to focus on the change of social practices within RTI ecosystems when assessing social innovation. The ecosystem approach is not only a helpful concept to analyse the emergence and diffusion of social innovation in a specific context, it can also be used to support and guide policy design. Implication for evaluation design are discussed and analytical categories presented. A set of measurement dimensions is proposed that can be used in evaluation designs and for future research.

The article is open access published and can be accessed via the repository of the Austrian Platform for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation here.

For citation purposes:

Streicher, Jürgen und Wroblewski, Angela und Schuch, Klaus und Reidl, Sybille (2021) RTI Policy Note on Evaluating Social Innovations. fteval Journal for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation (52). pp. 56-63. ISSN 1726-6629

Authors: Schuch, K., Jürgen Streicher, Angela Wroblewski and Sybille Reidl

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Category: Zeitschriften

Publication Date: 2021

Procurement: Online (download)