Digital Humanities in Austria

Section: Research Policy & Development

The report on the study commissioned by the BMBWF presents the results of the study Digital Humanities in Austria.

An explorative mapping of the Digital Humanities landscape in Austria shows the diversity of research activities. From it, options for action and recommendations for the further development of the digital humanities are derived. The present report collects the information gathered and the results of the study and is intended to serve as a basis for discussion among the actors in the field.

The report can be commented online until 19 April 2020. The collected feedback will be included in the final version of the report by autumn 2020.

Link to comment on the online report:

Mayer, Katja (2019) Digital Humanities in Austria. Results of the study "Explorative Mapping". Technical Report. Vienna.

Authors: Mayer, K.


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Tags: artificial intelligence, Austria, big data, culture, digital humanities, digitalisation, humanities, research infrastructures

Category: Project reports

Publication Date: 2020

Procurement: Online (download)