„Atlas of Social Innovation – New Practices for a Better Future” is available now!

Section: Work and Equal Opportunities

After four years of research the „Atlas of Social Innovation – New Practices for a Better Future” presents a comprehensive mapping of Social Innovation all over the world. Leading experts, including Ursula Holtgrewe and Josef Hochgerner from ZSI, contributed their insights to this book. In 62 short articles, the Atlas of Social Innovation explores the colourful world of this emerging phenomenon. It presents various types of Social Innovation in different world regions and policy fields like education, employment, environment and climate change, energy supply, transport and mobility, health and social care, as well as poverty reduction and sustainable development. The Atlas takes a unique approach in portraying experiences, theoretical considerations, and lessons learnt worldwide and across disciplines.

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Authors: Howaldt, J., Kaletka, C., Schröder, A. and Zimgiebl, M. (eds): Atlas of Social Innovation. New Practices for a Better Future. Sozialforschungsstelle, TU Dortmund University: Dortmund.

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Publication Date: 2018

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