'CAP4Access' Conceptual and methodological framework

Section: Technology and Knowledge

The conceptual and methodological framework presented in this deliverable clarifies key concepts of relevance for the work in the project, including inclusion, mobility, accessibility, models of disability, barriers and independence. It also introduces the methodological aproach taken by CAP4Access, i.e. participatory research going beyond merely collecting data from or about end users but including end users in all phases of the research process beginning with defining the research challenges up to the exploitation of outcomes. The main part of the deliverable is comprised by a discussion of CAP4Access' seven research streams, including information on the state of the art, the remaining gaps and also the implications for the work to be done in CAP4Access.

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Authors: Berger, P., Dobner, S., Voigt , C.


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Tags: accessibility, mobility, participation, participatory design

Category: Projektberichte

Publication Date: 2014

Procurement: Online (download)