Social Innovation: From idea to impact – the 4-i-process

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Usually, life is routine in many respects, and so are the usual practices. As long as the practices applied are functional, little effort is required to do ‘business as usual’ and stay on track. The proverbial everyday way of life consumes least energy from individuals as well as from societal organizations and institutions in ongoing operations.

The download "social innovation-4i process" is an excerpt from / suggested citiation:

  • Hochgerner, Josef (2013): Social Innovations and the advancement of the general concept of innovation. In: Ruiz Viñals, Carmen and Carmen Parra Rodríguez (eds.): Social Innovation. New forms of organisation in knowledge-based societies. Routledge: London and New York. pp. 12-28.

Please also find "critical questions for analysing social innovations" for downloading below.

Authors: Hochgerner (external Senior Strategic Advisor), J., Scoppetta, A.


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Publication Date: 2015

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