A Triple Win in Migration: Ensuring Migrant Workers’ Rights to Protect All Workers

Section: Work and Equal Opportunities

This publication is based on the outcomes of a two year programme that studied migration policies in Asia and Europe to identify those practices that have contributed significantly to the welfare of migrants, their host countries and their countries of origin.

The volume identifies good practices across ASEM countries as well as key migration issues relevant to ASEM countries and their policymakers. It maps out those policies in both regions that are in support of fair and equitable migration systems; reducing migration risks and providing migrants access to protection; and the integration of migrants in sending and receiving countries. In so doing, it draws from actual country experience, some useful lessons on how labour migration can be governed by host and origin states in a way that contributes positively to individual welfare and to socio-economic development.

Source of description: Asia-Europe Foundation

Authors: Gächter, A., Tschank, J., Manolo A.


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Category: Online

Publication Date: 2014

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