The Society of Knowledge. Trends and Perspectives

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Section: Management including Cross-Project Activities

Josef Hochgerner, The Knowledge Society. Trends and Perspektives. In: Vladimir I. Suprun, ed., Innovations as Drivers of Socio-Cultural Change.  Novosibirsk: Fonds SPI, 2013. pp. 173 - 193.

ISBN 978-5-902688-13-6

This reader combines selected contributions of the scientific conference "Innovations as Drivers of Socio-Cultural Change", held 2012 in the framework of "Interra - International Innovation Forum Siberia" in Novosibirsk. The book was presented on the occasion of "Interra '13" (September 2013).

The current contribution provides a short introduction to the advancement of "innovation" as a concept becoming an increasingly relevant guideline in economics and management - and its limitations to the realm of business and the economy. Given the structural transformation from the industrial to the so-called knowledge society, an extension of the established general innovation paradigm is required. In such a wider concept of innovation "social innovation" plays an important part, yet needs to be theoretically well-grounded and informed by empirical research.

By using the theoretical construct "Socio-Cultural Learning Cycle" the gap is demonstrated between cultural patterns, dominant frames of reference, information, knowledge and opinions on the one hand, and of social action (behaviour in reality) on the other hand. Social innovations in their main form of appearance as (newly determined) roles, relations, norms and values have the potential to narrow down the frequent separation of knowing and doing.

Authors: Hochgerner (external Senior Strategic Advisor), J.


Tags: knowledge society, social innovation

Category: Proceedings

Publication Date: 2013

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