Article on ERA.Net RUS foresight published

With a contribution by Manfred Spiesberger and Klaus Schuch (et al.)

Section: Research Policy & Development

The ZSI is coordinating a foresight study on EU-Russian S&T cooperation in the perspective up to the year 2020. The foresight is implemented in the frame of the FP7 funded ERA.Net RUS project.
A short article on this foresight study was published in the December edition of "Baltic Rim Economies" (2011/5), a quarterly review edited by the Pan-European Institute of the University of Turku/Finland.

Article: Vicente Carabias, Karel Haegeman, Alexander Sokolov, Manfred Spiesberger, Klaus Schuch, and Irina R. Kuklina: Foresight for EU-Russia S&T and innovation cooperation
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Authors: Schuch, K., Spiesberger, M., Vicente Carabias, Karel Haegeman, Alexander Sokolov, Irina R. Kuklina

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Tags: ERA-NETs, foresight, Russia

Category: Online

Publication Date: 2011

Procurement: Online (download)