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Monitoring of the projects "Support of the higher education in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo 2005 to 2007"

Monitoring in Southeastern Europe

ZSI was responsible for monitoring the projects "Supporting Higher Education in Serbia and Montenegro, Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina". The project activities were implemented by WUS Austria and its regional offices. Further information on the website of WUS Austria http//

1. The Course Development Program Plus (CDP+) supported the improvement of faculty courses (subjects), with the objective to facilitate the transition of higher education in SEE towards European standards. This program encouraged the faculties to introduce new subjects and to apply innovative approaches - in terms of content and methodology - to already existing courses. Besides the prerequisite of innovation, the CDP+ placed special emphasis on (1) the relevance of the proposed course for the practical application, and in order to facilitate the integration into the European Higher Education Area on (2) the cooperation with EU universities.

2. The Brain Gain Program (BGP) was aimed at breaking the academic isolation of the universities, by inviting qualified academics originating from the region to lecture courses, which are not available at the SEE university faculties. These professors, assistant or experts in relevant fields who emigrated from former Yugoslavia were invited to come back to the region to teach as guest lecturers - for several days up to 3 weeks - at faculties/departments in the region. Additionally, courses by Austrian guest lecturers and lecturers, who are employed in Austria regardless of their citizenship can be funded through the BGP.

3. BALKAN CASE CHALLENGE - The aim of the project was to carry out a case challenge for students from Southeastern Europe and Austria to acquire new professional and social skills as well as to increase the chances on the job market and to establish contacts with interested companies. In particular, by combining the case challenge competitions with a jobfair, where promising young experts from Southeastern Europe should be brought into direct contact with Austrian and Southeast European companies in an appealing setting (


Section: Research Policy & Development

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Type: Research

Program: Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 11/2005 - 12/2006

Project Duration: 14 months