Research Policy & Development

SDGs in FP9

The Role of FP9 to Foster the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

Analysing how to support SDGs in FP9 on behalf of the Austrian Council presidency

The following questions were addressed in this project:

  • In what way did the EU commit to the implementation of the SDGs?
  • What is the SDGs value for Europe?
  • To what extent were the SDGs already relevant for Horizon 2020? Are there challenges results from the way they became relevant?
  • How can we bring the SDGs into science, technology and innovation policy-making? How and to what extent will the SDGs provide a guiding framework for the next Framework Programme?
  • What are SDG-related drivers in European policy discourse? What topics do they relate to?


Section: Research Policy & Development

Funding institutions and customers:

Tags: Horizon Europe, SDGs

Type: Policy Advice

Submission Date: 11/2017

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 12/2017 - 06/2018

Project Duration: 7 months