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DEX Innovation Centre (Czech Republic)

DEX Innovation Centre improves society through digital innovation and research.

DEX Innovation Centre (DEXIC) is a private non-profit innovation centre. DEXIC works in the field of Health, Energy, ICT, transportation, and innovation. DEXIC´s mission is defined through 3 complementary approaches: - FUNDRAISE for impactful innovation research. - CO-CREATE innovations. The aim is to support the delivery of impactful innovation, which fits customer needs (solving a pain or creating a gain). DEXIC uses different approaches: from User-Centered Design, User Acceptance Testing to Piloting and Exploitation. - BUILD start-ups. DEXIC focuses on technological teams or early-stage start-ups. We scale them up to make them investable. We developed our own curricula for the acceleration program that is being used in DEXIC Accelerator, 4DigitalHealth Accelerator

Czech Republic


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