Cooperation Partners

Institute of Geonics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

The mission of the Institute of Geonics is to carry out scientific research on the Earth's crust and its landscapes.

The institute further contributes to the utilization of its research results and provides a research infrastructure. The principal activity of the Institute is scientific research on materials of the Earth's crust, the processes inside it, especially those induced by human activity, and the impact of these processes on the environment. Comprising the scope of this research, supporting disciplines have been developed, such as applied mathematics and physics, chemistry and environmental and social geography, in particular. The Institute contributes significantly to improving levels of scientific knowledge and education and to utilising the results of its scientific research in practice. The Institute acquires, processes, and disseminates scientific information, and publishes scientific monographs, peer reviewed articles in journals, conference papers in proceedings, etc.). In addition, it provides scientific assessments, professional opinions and recommendations, consulting and advisory services. In cooperation with universities, the Institute carries out doctoral study programs and provides training for young scientists. In the scope of its activity, the Institute promotes international cooperation, including the organization of joint research projects with foreign partners, participation in exchange programs for scientists and the exchange of scientific information, as well as the preparation of joint publications. The Institute organises scientific meetings, conferences, and seminars at the national and international levels and provides the infrastructure for research. It pursues its aims both independently and in cooperation with universities and other research and professional institutions.


Czech Republic