Cooperation Partners

Business Service Center of Government of Zenica-Doboj Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Serbia)

Government support for business ideas

Acronym: BSC ZDK

Business Service center is special Expert Department of Government of Zenica-Doboj Canton for implementation of business ideas and interregional projects aimed to use modern approach towards business community and to join private business and official development goals to benefit enterprises and economy of the Canton in general. It supports communication, cooperation and partnership between private and public sector. Business Service Center, on behalf of Zenica-Doboj Canton, performs set of activities related to interregional cooperation and provides expert and technical support to local institutions and organizations from Zenica-Doboj Canton regarding international cooperation, realization of projects and issues of general partnership with institutions from abroad. It has 5 employees, annual budget at the level of 300,000 Euro, modern office and ICT equipment. Business Service Center is in charge of all EU funded projects on behalf of the Cantonal Government and posses both human and financial resources for implementation of this project. Business Service Centre will actively participate in provision of information on specific solutions in ZDC and will contribute in definition of the indicators that will be used in implementation of the project. In cooperation with experts from Governmental departments, other institutions and University of Zenica will work on project documents, studies, analyses and concrete project activities. It will participate in analysis of EU good practices, development of UIP and Development strategy for BIs/STPs, TSNA/market analysis in Zenica-Doboj canton of BIH, support the development of BI/STP providing trainings for tenants, within Act 3.4 as task leader, development of Methodology for innovation management, participation in SC and RDS-PC meetings and dissemination activities.




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