Cooperation Partners

Association National Centre for Development of Innovation and Entrepreurial Learning (North Macedonia)

North Macedonian knowledge centre for entrepreneurial learning and innovation

Acronym: NCDIEL

ZDRUZENIE NACIONALEN CENTAR ZA RAZVOJ NA INOVACII I PRETPRIEMACKO UCENJE SKOPJE (NCDIEL) was established in 2009 with support of Austrian Development Agency, and is a leading research partner to major universities in the country, local, regional and central governments, and international donor organisations. NCDIEL has a particular expertise in the following fields: development of innovations, transfer of technologies, entrepreneurial learning and training and professional development of teachers, professors and educators. NCDIEL maintains nationally a continuous collaboration with institutions of all four spheres of the quadruple helix: • Government: central and local Governments and Ministries (shared projects with Ministry of education and science; Ministry of economy; Ministry of labour and social policy; Municipalities of Skopje and Veles; planning regions, etc.). • Industry: trainings for companies; research, analysis and reports on Macedonian business sector for: World Bank, OECD, WBC-INCO, GIZ. Trainings for industrial networks, clusters and associations. • Education: trainings for University and high-school teaching staff, development of curricula for innovation, small business and entrepreneurship, preparation of teaching materials. • Civil society: in addition to the continuous activities in the civil society sector, NCDIEL is also supported and often collaborates with Roma youth NGO, the Roma Resource Centre, the Regional South-east European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, students’ organizations ESTIEM, BEST, IAESTE, EESTEC, AIESEC, etc. The NCDIEL team is highly skilled in the development of micro, mezzo and macro level innovation and entrepreneurship strategies and measures. They have been involved in the development of strategic documents regarding innovation on international, national and regional levels and mapping activities of the economic, scientific and innovation potential for Smart Specialization (S3). NCDIEL has implemented since 2009 more than 50 projects from many national and international programs and donors.

1000 Skopje
North Macedonia


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