Cooperation Partners

Federació Salut Mental Catalunya (Spain)

Catalonia Mental Health Federation’s main objective is improving the lives of people with mental health problems and their families and friends.

Acronym: FSMC

Established in 1996, the Federació Salut Mental Catalunya FSMC (Catalonia Mental Health Federation) network is composed of more than 68 federated associations of families and users of mental health services (with more than 6,000 associated families. In addition to this, it establishes and consolidates institutional partnerships and coordination with existing social, research and health services, and specific networks of institutions (the complexity of these networks in Spain being a particular challenge). FSMC actively participates in the Integral Mental Health Plan of the government of Catalonia, promotes the project of Mental Health Tables in Catalonia and coordinates the project Get Active for Mental Health in a partnership with the Government and VEUS- users federation. Also, FSMC is member of Confederación Salud Mental España, and therefore of EUFAMI, Mental Health Europe and the World Federation for Mental Health. FSMC has also worked with European partners to create a network of professionals in mental health (Maratone Project, an EU funded project). The FSMC mission is to improve quality of life, freedom from discrimination, and equal opportunities for people with mental health problems and their families/caregivers and ensure the protection and full exercise of their rights in all spheres of life. Furthermore, FSMC works for the social inclusion of people with mental health disorders and wellbeing of their family members, and for the improvement of the public policies related to mental health issues. FSMC represents and supports the associative movement of people who suffer from mental health disorder and their families in Catalonia.


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