Cooperation Partners

Open Knowledge Foundation (United Kingdom)

OKF is a global non-profit organisation focused on realising open data’s value to society by helping civil society groups access and use data to take action on social problems.

Acronym: OKF

Open Knowledge International does this in three ways: 1. Show the value of open data for the work of civil society organizations; 2. Provide organisations with the tools and skills to effectively use open data; 3. Make government information systems responsive to civil society. Open Knowledge International is a worldwide network of people passionate about openness, using advocacy, technology and training to unlock information and enable people to work with it to create and share knowledge. We want to see enlightened societies around the world, where everyone has access to key information and the ability to use it to understand and shape their lives; where powerful institutions are comprehensible and accountable; and where vital research information that can help us tackle challenges such as poverty and climate change is available to all. OKF envisions a world where: ● knowledge creates power for the many, not the few. ● data frees us to make informed choices about how we live, what we buy and who gets our vote. ● information and insights are accessible – and apparent – to everyone. The Open Knowledge team has several decades of combined experience working on the legal, technical and social aspects of data sharing. Open Knowledge are widely known to be both one of the originators and leaders in open data as well as in building robust, sustainable open infrastructure for publishing, sharing and working with data generally.


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