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Murcia Health Service (Spain)

The SMS (Servicio Murciano de Salud) is the public health agency responsible for health care in the Region of Murcia(about 3.09% of the whole Spanish population).

Acronym: SMS

In the exercise of its functions, the SMS provide services and develop the following actions: Health Promotion Prevention of the disease Comprehensive primary care health Specialized Healthcare It is noteworthy that the Region of Murcia is considered by firms specialized in the implementation and evaluation of health-related technologies, as a perfect location for a number of reasons including the following: It is a Single-province region, which means faster political and administrative decision-making, saving time, money and resources. The Region of Murcia has gotten the award of Reference site 2 stars in EIP AHA (European Innovation Partnership on Active & Healthy Ageing). The population typology and characteristics of the different health districts are heterogeneous and they are a perfect ecosystem to test innovations solutions and pilot projects in a real environment. The SMS is considered a perfect Living Lab to improve the innovation as has been shown in other main EU projects where participated, an example of them are project INCA (Inclusive Introduction of Integrated Care) and project FICHe (Future Internet Challenge eHealth).
SMS has computerized all primary care points since 2000 and its 11 hospitals since 2005. SMS has developed corporative tools as the EHR viewer called Agora plus.


Central, 7 , edificio “Habitamia” 5ª
30100 Murcia