Cooperation Partners

Organization for Improvement of the Quality of Education (Kosovo)

ORCA aims to contribute on increasing the quality of education in Kosovo, focusing on higher education

Acronym: ORCA

Organization for Increasing Quality of Education (ORCA), established in 2016 in Prishtina. ORCA is active in monitoring academic processes in higher education in Kosovo, and in coordinated reactions for improving the quality of teaching in public universities. This aim is possible through careful and methodological review of academic developments in cooperation with experts of different fields and established academics. ORCA is also engaged in revitalizing the student activism of the public university system through cooperation with student organizations and awareness and capacity raising of reaction in the field of the student community. Apart from increasing the public and institutional pressure, ORCA also offers concrete recommendations for responsible institutions for improving the education situation in Kosovo.


Simon Shiroka st. H11, Nr. 8
10000 Prishtina


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