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Associação Brasileira das Instituições de Pesquisa Tecnológica e Inovação (Brazil)

Brasilian non-governmental and non-profit organization, Brazilian Association for Technological Research and Innovation Institutions founded in 1980

Acronym: ABIPTI

ABIPTI intended to deal with technological development challenges, represented by new directions they were taking in the international scenario and its reflections in our country. So, nine Brazilian Research Institutes, named Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento da Bahia – Ceped/BA, Fundação Centro Tecnológico de Minas Gerais – Cetec/MG, Fundação de Ciência e Tecnologia – Cientec/RS ( in Rio Grande do Sul), Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia – INT/RJ, Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas do Estado de São Paulo – IPT/SP, Fundação Instituto Tecnológico do Estado de Pernambuco – Itep/PE, Instituto de Tecnologia e Pesquisa de Sergipe – ITPS/SE, Fundação Núcleo de Tecnologia Industrial do Ceará – Nutec/CE e Instituto de Tecnologia do Paraná – Tecpar/PR joined to create an institution to represent and promote the necessary integration between technological research entities into the National Science, Technology and Innovation System(NSSTI), at that time starting to be built and already demonstrated an increasing complex coordination. Currently, ABIPTI has more than a hundred associated members comprising Research Technological Organizations (RTO) spread all over the federal states, some are public, others private or linked to the third sector, all of them working in various, different scientific areas and often presenting technological solutions and add high value to the diverse demands of the economic production sector. All over those years, ABIPTI directed efforts to attend demands of the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation(MCTI), and its agencies like Brazilian Innovation Agency (FINEP) and the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), maintaining aligned to the ST&I policies, seeking to integrate and promoting the participation of their associates in their implementation. ABIPTI also supported the operation of forums joining secretaries of state and municipal, performing the role of executive secretariat which enabled the creation of, respectively, National Council of STI State Secretaries (CONSECTI) and National Forum of STI Municipal Secretaries, besides the research foundations forum, the National Council of Research Support State Foundations (CONFAP), increasing the political dialogue among representatives and STI actors in national scenario. ABIPTI with National Association of Research and Development of Innovative Companies - Anpei and National Association of Promoters of Innovative Projects - Anprotec constitute an alliance, a “Strategic Alliance”, similar to the Triple Helix, promoting issues related to the innovation process. ABIPTI has been present in both government arenas, executive and legislative, participating and accompanying reunions and public audiences at the specific ST&I commissions in National Congress, and supporting internally a unit of parliamentary advisory. It also operates an executive secretariat for the Parliamentary Front/Coalition on Science, Technology, Research andInnovation. After the 2000s, Abipti has developed many training courses related to ST&I projects elaboration and raising funds; prepared many institutions on management good practices disseminating the excellence criteria adopted by Brazilian Quality Foundation /FNQ and the Public Management National Program /Gespública adapted to scientific and technological organizations; and offered a traditional graduate course called AGINTEC- a specialization for Agents on innovation and technological diffusion. Its communication area has increased and originated a news portal with daily updates on ST&I Brazilian public policy, in text formats, disseminating information nationally, so contributing to support managers decisions and strengthens the exchange of information between the federal government and state and local systems of ST&I.


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