Cooperation Partners

Europa Media Szolgaltato non Profitkozhasznu Kft. (Hungary)

Hungarian partner on EU policies and communications

Acronym: EM

Europa Media is an independent, non‐profit SME active in European Union affairs, in particular in EU research and innovation policies, programmes and projects. Established in 2003, Europa Media has been working to effectively gather and spread dispersed and complex information on EU policies, funding opportunities and programmes in a streamlined and simplified manner to potential stakeholders in Europe and worldwide. With this mission, we have developed, launched and publicised a variety of information sources and tools including web‐based platforms, online and offline publications and
organised local and international events.
Over the past 12 years, Europa Media has actively participated in EU‐funded research and innovation projects as coordinator or partner in a broad range of fields including international research cooperation, lifelong learning, entrepreneurship, knowledge‐based bio‐economy, health, environment, and information and communication technologies (ICT). In these projects, our team has undertaken various roles including development and deployment of web‐based platforms, implementing novel dissemination and communication actions, promoting coordination and market exploitation of research
and innovation results, and designing and delivering innovative training and capacity building programmes. EM has launched its first international research cooperation project in 2008 (EUINEC project under FP7, as a coordinator) and since then has been involved in several actions supporting international research cooperation between the EU and international cooperation countries such as India and China. In particular, EM has been involved in several BILAT projects as a coordinator or partner. These were EUINEC, INDIA GATE, INDIA SI HOUSE, all co‐funded under FP7. In addition, EM was partner in the DG RTD contract “Support Services to the International Learning Network” (ILN –, which has provided an integrated forum to support the dialogue among the main stakeholders involved in the FP7 INCO activities and initiatives.
Since its establishment, Europa Media has organised several events in an aim to raise the awareness and enhance the capacities of stakeholders in and outside of Europe in participating in the EU’s research and innovation programmes. Some of these events were realised with the support of the European Commission such as the ILN event in 2013 in Budapest gathering all international collaboration project representatives, and the European Commission Directorate‐General for Enterprise and Industry hosted seminar in Budapest on the issue of cross‐border credit and claims management within the EU.


Zahony Utca 7
1031 Budapest


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