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Central Asian Agency of Cooperation for Development (Kyrgyzstan)

Central Asian partner

Acronym: CAACD

The Central Asian Agency of Cooperation for Development is a Bishkek-based independentthink tank sought to support and enhance cooperation in the field of development betweenKyrgyzstan and its partner countries. The goal of the CAACD is to promote knowledge andimplement development projects within its core sectors: private sector development, interregionalcooperation, social development and technical expertise. We are pursuing this goalby offering an adapted platform for results-oriented exchange to promote the sharing ofknowledge, capacity building and encourage more in-depth interaction between the researchand business communities of Kyrgyzstan and foreign countries. To achieve this goal wecollaborate with a variety of organizations in order to encourage the implementation ofinnovative and development minded projects. The CAACD collaborates with local andinternational experts having solid experience in following fields:- Private sector development: Advisory services on legislation, regulations andpolicies, Investment promotion, Private sector development, Agriculturaldevelopment and food security, Energy and alternative sources of energy, Credit andbanking sector, Cooperatives and SME support, Industrial studies, Market surveys,Labour market analysis and employment policy.- Social development: Social Policy Development, Labour migration, EducationManagement, Teacher Training, Development of Teaching and Training Programs infields of secondary, vocational and higher education.- Engineering and technical consultancy: Technical feasibility studies, Industrialassessments, Technical assistance and Training in the field of Energy, RenewableEnergy, Photovoltaics, Environmental studies, Geological studies, Agriculturalprocessing, Textile production, etc.CAACD has realized a number of research projects on private sector development, SMEaccess to finance, Industrial analysis of the Agricultural, Energy, Finance, Processing andTextile sectors, Customs Union’s impact on the Labour Migration in CIS countries andothers. The Agency has experience in conducting large-scale surveys in Central Asiancountries and Russia, communication, dissemination and capacity building.

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