Cooperation Partners

GRANT Garant s.r.o (Czech Republic)

Czech partenr in IncoNet CA

Acronym: GG

GRANT Garant, s.r.o. provides consulting services in formulation, preparation and administration of international research and development (R&D) projects as well as projects funded from the Structural funds focused on innovation and R&D. Our company was founded in 2004 as a response to the increasing demand of domestic public and private research organizations and other subjects for European financial resources. We have gained experience in Community funding through cooperation with Czech and foreign R&D leaders and also thanks to the direct liaison with the EC staff. As one of our major goals, we focus on dissemination of good practice in preparation, management and administration of projects funded from the EU. We closely cooperate with economic departments and researchers themselves on definition of administrative tasks and facilitate administrative management of projects in order to minimize the risk of financial losses of investigator’s organization by maintaining efficient communication between researchers and employees of economic departments. Finally, we support our clients in implementation of research projects funded from the EU sources through our participation in consortia and carrying out administrative management tasks. Our employees participate in dissemination of good administrative practice by preparation of the practical guides, participation in expert groups and advisory bodies (European Commission, Czech Ministry of Youth, Education and Sports) and also by organizing specialized seminars opened to wider research public as well as to project administrators. Main areas of expertise: 1. Providing excellent support to national research performers in various sectors (long-term collaboration with the Charles University in Prague, as well as with Institutes of the Czech Academy of Science, NCPs and other regional RTD actors). 2. Employees of the company act as peer reviewers and evaluators of projects, funded under the FP6/7 programmes, Structural funds and EEA financial scheme. 3. Experience in science communication actions (workshops and conferences organized for both professional and wider public) and development of communication and publicity plans for research projects funded from the EEA financial scheme. 4. Consulting and administration of the RTD projects implemented particularly by public RTD bodies and financed from European funds, dissemination of good administrative practice through memberships in ministerial expert groups and advisory bodies, organization of own commercial training seminars and workshops. 5. Performing analytical studies on the innovation potential of Czech regions, member of board of a regional innovation centre dedicated to energy efficient buildings at the material level, member of several national innovation and training platforms. The company is experienced in participation in FP7 and FP6 projects and in projects financed from the Structural funds. All the consulted projects, or those where the company plays a role of a project partner or a subcontractor, are predominantly focused on RTD or innovation. As for the FP7, more than 12 projects were consulted within SP Cooperation, within SP Ideas (one is currently being implemented at Charles University in Prague), 9 projects within SP People and 3 projects within the SP Capacities. As a partner, GRANT Garant was involved in USEandDIFFUSE (GA No. 216741) and EECAlink (GA No. 223358) projects (both financed from FP7 within CSA scheme).


Blanicka 922/25
12000 Praha 2
Czech Republic