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Central Scientific Library of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)


Acronym: CSL-Kz

The Central Scientific Library of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (CSL-Kz) is a prominent stockholder of the scientific literature in Kazakhstan carrying out the functions of the natural scientific depositary (5, 3 millions of copies). The library stock presents the richest collections of the national and foreign publications, dissertations, scientific works, and private libraries of the Kazakh scientists. The specific composition of the materials is enormous: from the originals of manuscripts to the modern e-library. CSL-KZ is information centre of the Ministry of Education and Science providing full information on development of the Kazakh research institutions including statistic data and information on realized and ongoing international projects as well as updating the information database on all scientific research institutions of Kazakhstan. The library issues the current and retrospective indexes in many branches of sciences for providing the fundamental and applied researches of the Kazakhstan science by the regional, problem-subject, retrospective bibliographical information. At present CSL-KZ is in the forefront of the scientific-bibliographical branch of the Republic. There is created the composite DB “Nature and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan”, which includes all subjects of the natural scientific direction. CSL MES RK is an initiator and executor of the scientific-research projects in the sphere of library management and new information technologies. CSL is the participant of the Republic special-purpose program “The Development of the State System of the Scientific-Technical Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, the program of fundamental and applied researches of Ministry of Education and Science RK. CSL-Kz coordinates network of scientific-research libraries of Kazakhstan, which includes 16 libraries in the fields of: nuclear physics, chemical sciences, geological sciences, zoology, mining, astrophysics and others. CSL-Kz is the centre of scientific propagation of Kazakhstan, the state politics and strengthening of the international relations. CSL-Kz is the member of: “International association of the academies of sciences of the CIS and the Baltic countries”; “The library association of the Kazakhstan. Co-founder of the information library consortium of Kazakhstan. CSL MES RK was participant of the INTAS-ININ-FP6 project and the INTAS Library Action.