Cooperation Partners

Agency for Research, Technology and Innovation (Albania)

RTDI policy delivery agency in Albania

Acronym: ARTI

The Agency for Research, Technology and Innovation (ARTI) [or Agjencia e Kërkimit, Teknologjisë dhe Inovacionit (AKTI)] is a public, legal institution under the competences of the Council of Ministers. ARTI is established with the Decision of Council of Ministers and has started its activity in March 2010. ARTI aims to build a modern system of science, strengthen of research and technology, as well as their integration inside the higher education system.
ARTI facilitates the exchanging of knowledge, mutual activities and partnership within and outside the country.
ARTI as a coordinating and guiding structure which cooperates with institutions in the field of science and technology for sustainable development of the country, in line with national priorities,  development of scientific and technological policies and management of Research and Development (R&D) institutes. The Agency operates as a coordinating structure for programs and projects based on national and international bilateral and multilateral cooperation between Albania and other countries.


St. "Abdi Toptani" no. 4, the former Ministry of Transport