New COST Action launched with ZSI

19. Jul. 2021

ZSI participates in the Platform of Policy Evaluation Community for improved EU policies and better acknowledgement

The Action PROFEEDBACK aims to foster the networking of the policy evaluation community at EU level, raise awareness on the importance of evaluation policy research and improve its impact on policy-making. The Platform, following a bottom-up and open approach, gathers researchers and professionals from various scientific fields and sectors to present and evaluate theories, topics, tools and methods of policy evaluation. Results of the Europe-wide assessment of good practices will provide direct and high-quality inputs for national and EU bodies responsible for policy evaluation.

PROFEEDBACK aims to tackle this challenge with an innovative, complex, cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary approach by:

  • analysing the theoretical and methodological questions of evaluation policy research putting special focus on Cohesion Policy,
  • enriching scientific research of policy evaluation and addressing new challenges,
  • harmonizing fragmented approaches to set the research agenda and to get a common understanding,
  • contributing to the capacity building of the policy evaluation community,
  • involving national and EU policy-makers and the civil society to contribute to evidence-based policy-making,
  • framing a Code of Conduct for the policy evaluation community.

You can find more information about this COST Action here.

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